About Doyle’s

Doyle’s Automotive has serviced West Seattle since 1946. Started by Percy Doyle, the business was located where Advance Auto Parts resides in West Seattle today, 38th and Oregon street. James Hartog worked for Percy Doyle as a young man. When Percy Doyle passed away in 1969, Jim and Nancy Hartog purchased the business and moved to the building it resides in today, 4607 37th Avenue SW between Alaska street and Fauntleroy Avenue. With the passing of Jim and Nancy, their son Jon Hartog runs the family business of 72 years.

Doyle’s has a very dedicated staff with over 100 years of experience. They work on Foreign, Domestic, Hybrid cars and trucks. On occasion they even have a few collector cars. The tradition began with Percy Doyle and Jon Hartog continues the legacy of being honest to each and every customer that walks into Doyle’s to have their vehicle serviced.


Our Location

4607 37th Ave SW
Seattle, WA 98126